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Dragonfly from the door hinge
Simultaneous operation of two rocking chairs from one drive

I have invented a new kinematic pair with geometric closure "Dragonfly". These are two levers that intersect on the axis, but do not look for the intersection point, it is not there, the levers cross in the intersection area. Why a Dragonfly? Look at the photo and everything will become clear to you. If it could only be used to create toys that simulate a dragonfly, then even then the profit from licensing a patent for this kinematic pair would be impressive. But this is only the first, small drop from the ocean of limitless possibilities opened by this invention.

The use of flywheels on an industrial scale, when an aircraft, like a dragonfly, is able to lift 10-15 times its weight into the air. Simple calculations justifying this statement can be viewed here.

If flying on a Dragonfly is, figuratively speaking, tomorrow, then it is possible to sail on it already tonight, installing a propeller instead. Since a plane acting with the entire area along the velocity vector (dragonfly wing) is much more efficient than a plane rotating perpendicular to the velocity vector (propeller blade), cavitation will begin to manifest at much higher speeds. You can see about the multiple increase in the speed of ships here.

Resonance is a wonderful phenomenon that Nature applies everywhere, but man is still only in radio. In any case, in aviation and shipping they are afraid of him like fire, because at present the onset of resonance leads to destruction, as in the textbook example about the formation of soldiers crossing the bridge. The new kinematic pair Dragonfly opens the door to the possibility of using resonance in transport: shipping and aviation, and transportation (pumping). And resonance is the minimum possible energy consumption with the maximum possible efficiency. About resonant drives can be viewed later.

All this is more like a dream or a fairy tale, but this is the reality of today, and this is only a cursory look at the opportunities and advantages of using Dragonfly. I am looking for investors who will help get patents in their chosen countries for a share of the licensing profits. You invest in obtaining a patent once and for 15-17 years you get a profit that is many times higher than the costs, what could be more profitable?

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